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Let’s start with the name. Why MYIAFOOD, what does it mean?

Myia lived in Crotone in the second half of the 6th century BC, she was an ancient Greek philosopher of the Pythagorean school. She is a legendary figure whose writings have been lost: she is the daughter of Pythagoras and Teano, as well as the wife of the famous fighter Milone, in turn a Pythagorean disciple. In her name we tried to enclose the approach to the market: history and tradition of a very fertile land rich in fruit, declined in an innovative way.

The company was born from the meeting of three professionals (future founding members), with well-established experiences, sharing from the first minute the idea that the Italian agri-food sector needed to “reinvent itself” to meet the growing foreign demand, especially, after the COVID-19 emergency.

The quality Italian condiment in the modern and convenient single-serving package will find more and more space in good restaurants, because it preserves the product in all its characteristics, allowing the final consumer to easily season their dishes, wherever they are.

Myiafood’s mission is to combine creativity and know-how, in order to develop innovative production and packaging methods. A return to the past to improve our future, this concept and the knowledge of the market have pushed the partners to create a second company branch, a production line of concentrated juices (LEMON and LIME), given by products coming exclusively from the southern lands. Italy. A km0 production: it facilitates traceability, increases quality and shortens the supply chain, allowing products to be harvested for a short time. In addition, they want to offer the consumer, both in the choice of the product and during the tasting, unique experiences. Packaging takes place on two latest generation automatic lines.

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