The production process

The figure of Dr. Scicchitano (one of the founding partners) represents knowledge, experience and reliability for the company. From before the activity started, he personally carried out a scouting activity in the choice of raw materials, visits the farmers and their lemon groves on site, making sure of the quality of the fruits, viewing the harvest and pressing.


To maintain a high quality standard, the "Quality Control" laboratory, led by PI Mario Trapasso (founding partner), with decades of experience in the analytical-agri-food sector, carries out the necessary checks on a daily basis in order to guarantee the standards required by the market.

Q.C. Quality Control

Myiafood aims to create innovative products, improving industrial processes, respecting the environment. The BIO certification attests the quality of our products. While the IFS BRC certifications are in the accreditation phase.

Fairs and Events

Communication is the process that allows you to transmit information, Communicating effectively means making the customer understand the quality of the product.
Corporate communication is directed by Dr. Giuseppe Liotti (founding partner), who has decades of expertise and experience in the sector. He personally follows the national and international events, therefore, he will view and direct the fairs on site.